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((Reporter Huang Fu Ping) has recently questioned by the media, known as stewed with pig Ajisen Ramen soup is actually a special soup, soup modulation out,karen millen dress, the cost of each bowl of soup,karen millen outlet, but a few cents. Ajisen China headquarters responsible person responded explanation, soup is made from the concentrated solution against the system, but this concentrate is brewed by the pig obtained.
Miss Gu Keceng told reporters: "Ajisen is boil the soup known as fish bones,babyliss curl pas cher, pork bones and chicken bones out, but you can not feel the soup bone soup flavor, especially soup flavor,, and after feel thirsty. "
"We are certainly not the soup of the soup out of tune, but after more than 20 hours boiled made." Ajisen Ramen shop, a salesperson said the case. And Ajisen China headquarters ho, head of investor relations, said Xiong explained, taste soup thousand indeed turned into the concentrate,scarpe mbt,, but concentrate is boiled pig. This concentrate was derived from a Japanese soup manufacturer,, concentrate to the store after the store staff by adding water and a few other condiments "Restore" Cheng Tang. Generally, one kg concentrate can "restore" 100 bowl of soup.
Ajisen China headquarters provided by the China Cuisine Association Food Nutrition Professional Committee issued a "nutrition assessment report" and the China Agricultural University, Nutrition and Analysis Laboratory of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering Institute issued a "food component test report", "Assessment of nutrients report ", there are" four times the calcium content of milk,, meat,,scarpe mbt, ordinary words dozens of times "and so on. However,, the test sample is soup "soup bone cement concentrated" rather than the consumer to drink the diluted. Tests showed, and concentrated soup bone cement samples in the calcium content of 485 mg / 100 g, according to one kilogram of concentrated juice can "restore" 100 bowl of soup conversion,, a bowl of soup in the calcium content should Only 48.5 mg, rather than Ajisen official online show 1600 mg,, a difference is huge.
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